Enact Rich Content Applications

This section lists the rich content applications available.

These are PROforma applications that use user interface extensions to control the layout, persistence extensions to connect to databases or Electronic Health Records, reporting extensions to generate and email reports and so on. (*)


* These extensions are available as Folio plug-ins. Folio is a lightweight and flexible plug-in framework for Java that has been developed by COSSAC and is used extensively with all Tallis suite applications

Enact PROforma process descriptions

Tallis Web Enactment (TWE) can run plain PROforma process descriptions (PPDs), whithout the all the rich content extensions. There are various ways of doing this.

Tallis repositories

You can browse the public section of the Tallis repostitory connected to this TWE application or your private folder(s) if you have the required credentials.

Browse Public Repository Browse Private Repository

Enacting form

This is the process of enacting a PPD from a single URL. You can use the following form to help you construct a direct enacting URL

Enacting form

Upload PROforma process description

Finally, you can upload a process description from your local disk using the link below

Upload process description

Select template to use

Tallis Web Enactment now supports templates. Select one of the available templates from the list below

Current template: Legacy template